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AirDrop: The Ultimate Guide
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Similarly, make sure that Allow Everyone option is enabled on the other Mac that you are transferring Data to. In case you still want to use Contacts Only Mode, make sure that both the sending and receiving device are signed into iCloud. On the next screen, Uncheck the little box next to Block all incoming connections See image below.

How to Share Files with AirDrop on iPhone or iPad

Make sure that the device that you are trying to AirDrop to is available within 30 feet 9 meters of the device that you are AirDropping from. In certain cases, Bluetooth reception might be weaker than normal or blocked by obstacles such as concrete walls. In such cases, you may have to move the devices even closer to each other in order to improve Bluetooth reception. I can't find the exact reason why but I'd guess it has something to do with the way a VPN encrypts your internet connection.

Also, you don't necessarily need to be connected to a particular Wi-Fi network or even the same network the recipient's device is on.

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Just having the Wi-Fi antenna turned on allows AirDrop to work. Open the Control Center panel, then push and hold the icon of a wireless connection square until it turns into a wireless connection rectangle. You can also find these exact controls by going into Settings , then General , then AirDrop.

If the person you're sending to has their AirDrop set to Contacts Only, then they'll need to have a contact card in the Contacts app that has either your email address or phone number in order for AirDrop to work. If you're not in their Contacts, have them choose Everyone to receive your file. Tap on the person you want to share to.

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With all that out of the way, anytime you see a Share button, the rectangle icon with an arrow pointing up, you can select AirDrop. When you do, you'll be shown any nearby Apple devices that have AirDrop enabled. Tap on the device you want to send photos or files to.

Next on the recipient's phone, a window alert with a preview of the content your sharing will pop up. They have the option to Accept or Decline. Once they tap Accept , the photos or files you selected are transferred. Pictures and videos will be saved into the Photos app on the recipient's phone. Documents will prompt the receiver to choose what app they want to save it to.

Before you Start

How to transfer files between iPad and Mac with Free Download for Mac. With AirDrop, you can wirelessly send documents, photos, videos, websites, map locations, and more to a nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. If the Mac is from or earlier, click “Don't see who you're looking for?.

The Mac could be sharing its internet connection via Wi-Fi, in which case you would see an Arrow pointing upwards where you would normally see the Wi-Fi symbol. We have a tutorial on sharing your connection to the internet from your Mac to your iPhone if you'd like to know how. If you are sharing your connection from the Mac to your iPhone or iPad you will have to stop doing this and log both devices onto the same Wi-Fi network. AirDropping from a Mac used to only be possible via the Finder, but it is now possible to select AirDrop as a Share option.

How to Use AirDrop on an iPad mini

We'll show you how. To share from your Mac, follow these instructions:.

Turn ON AirDrop on MAC

If you have any problems with the iPhone or iPad not receiving the file take a look at our advice above. As above you can either share your files by dragging them into an AirDrop Finder window, or you can select AirDrop as a Share option.

How to Prevent Unsolicited AirDrops to Your Apple Device

However, there are a few differences in the way AirDrop works on older Macs, which we will address below. As we mentioned above, there are a few differences in the process when sending to or from an older Mac. AirDrop is apparently supported by the following Mac models:.

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If you want to not just turn off AirDrop but block it completely, for example on your child's iPhone or iPad, you can use restrictions — also known as parental controls. But at least with photos — between mobile devices — I feel that it is important to check and double check that you got all that was sent. While it makes it easier for developers to migrate […]. After enabling it, you can start transferring files. Name required. In certain cases, Bluetooth reception might be weaker than normal or blocked by obstacles such as concrete walls.