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We found surprisingly many solutions to avoid conversion. So if you tell us the cause for your wish to convert your manuscript, we could look out for an alternative.

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You are probably best trying to generate. I think you have overambitious expectations of pandoc: If you want the full language, then you need to run a Tex engine, and Keks' suggestion of tex4ht is the right sort of approach. Submit a pdf file.

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Wait until the manuscript is accepted for publication. Send the tex file, and ask the editors to sort it out for you. See what they say. Only if they refuse should you try to convert the thing yourself. Many publishing houses have technical staff who can play with conversion software, and secretarial staff who can correct a poorly converted manuscript.

I tried nearly all methods mentioned in other answers. Yebo Liu Yebo Liu 3 3. Remarkably, this appears to be the simplest and most satisfactory attempt for me, too! Not extremely smooth, but the output looks ok.

This did not work for me using Microsoft Word for Mac v It was asking for the type of text conversion to use and they all just looked like binary file junk. I gave up on pandoc for almost exactly the same reasons you listed. Andy Clifton Andy Clifton 2, 15 Thanks, looks interesting!

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I will try it and see if it resolves all the errors with Pandoc I mentioned. One can think of my question as a specification, or unit test. Only answers that pass the test can be accepted.

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Fred Very likely your question is unanswerable then, since it requires use of a tool to achieve X which is really not designed to do X. And the same recommendations apply about limiting packages carefully. Actually, as of November I switched completely to Pandoc because it's now doing an excellent job of conversion again, when a limited set of packages are used compared to latex2rtf. Kevin Morse 6. This program is amazing!

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This worked for me. If you are on Mac OSX and using brew, then you can just to brew install latex2rtf and then start using latex2rff. Pandoc's extended version of markdown has a surprising number of features, including math, tables, footnotes and citations using. Convert the markdown to Word: This soltion works almost fine but for the float objects and references. In my case I have to correct them manually thinking about a workflow that eases me to get a final version in latex and another one in Word for the boss.

I couldn't recall that a markdown have page breaks. So it just wouldn't work. Bastian Bastian 1 2. I tried this in demo mode, and it converted each line of a paragraph into its own paragraph. The soft doesn't even seems to be real.


I tried it with various settings in both stable and dev- wine. It just always crashing for startup. I just tried it on a mac and it seemed to work really well. Pretty steep price to purchase, though. I'm not sure you want to read this. If you are forced to use MS Word for your work then better use Word to write it.

JPi 9, 2 15 Kurt Kurt 38k 8 47 Sometimes you have to share an editable work to other colleagues that don't use LaTeX I have the exactly same problem as Fred. I always write my papers in LaTeX because it handles the organziation of the structure and all figure and literature references,.. Also, the reviewer in the end does not to have be bothered with all those arising problems when you submit a paper that is written in Word or other text editors, e.

Hands down: LaTeX wins, always. I'd down vote this because the question is not "I'm thinking of writing a paper, should I use word or LaTeX. How can I convert it to Word for some new purpose?

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This free online PDF to DOC converter allows you to convert a PDF document to Microsoft Word DOC format, providing better quality than many other converters. Made for your Mac. Converts PDF files into Microsoft® Word .docx), Rich Text Format .rtf), or plain text files .txt). Extract data to Excel .xlsx Reflow.

I agree with rjmunro: Document converter. Ebook converter. Hash encryption.

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Webservice converter. Convert text to the ePub ebook format. Drop Files here Choose Files. Enter file URL: Add URL Cancel. Choose from Google Drive. Add border in cm: Set base font size in pts: