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The REAL real deal. Use light to tell a story with Hollywood-tested technology that creates the same photorealistic lens flares used in feature films. Beautiful, accurate presets. Get presets that emulate real world lenses and lights, plus presets created for sci-fi and motion graphics, including new presets by John Knoll. Professional support. Color and excitement. Flares can add sparkle to logos, dynamic relighting to a scene, glints to product shots, or propulsion to a spaceship.

This new release was inspired by John's work on feature films at Industrial Light and Magic, and his desire to bring that power to your desktop. New flare elements like Lens Texture, Barrel and Rectangular Spread were created to give you more accurate light effects. Now you can create that next blockbuster in all your favorite host apps. Lens Designer makes the sexy look real Flares look sexy. Knoll Light Factory 3 makes sure the sexy is also realistic.

Its Lens Designer window lets you build a gorgeous flare using Elements and Sprites, 56 light shapes that replicate reflections from the real world. The Lens Designer interface has been fully redeveloped with a clean workflow, and a new real-time preview for layering and building your flare. We ship over lens flare presets, all designed to create the most believable, scientifically accurate flares on the market. Features for beautiful, accurate flares Knoll Light Factory 3 is packed with new features to create any flare imaginable.

It does the flashy things you don't have time for, offering pre-built Behaviors for animations like Strobe and Blink, with no scripting required. It adds realism by flaring or fading the light with Edge Reaction as it passes through a scene, and hiding the light behind objects with Obscuration. Light Factory even works in 3D space, with full integration with After Effects 3D lights so you can move and sync the flares. Your lights just got new depth. Simple, fun interface is a breeze We completely redesigned the workflow of Knoll Light Factory, while keeping all the features and functions that you love.

All of the Knoll 2. Elements and Sprites for building flares Get more light elements to build your lens flare. There are now 28 Elements, like Star Filter and Lens Texture, which replicate light reflections from the real world. Weve also crafted 56 Sprites, which are static shapes like Prism Streak and Star, and 51 Element Presets so you can further customize the flare.

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Automatic blink and bling with Behaviors Say goodbye to hand-animating your lights. The new Behavior group lets you automatically create popular light animations like Blink, Flicker, Pulse and Strobe. You can easily change those light behaviors with options like Brightness, Fade and Duration. Support for your favorite apps Just like Knoll 2. Image Sprites add custom images Need that special flare to tell your story?

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Now you can import your own bitmap image with the Image Sprite feature, adding in endless customization. So we figured your light flares should be 3D too. Knoll lights now talk to After Effects built-in lights, letting them share values like Color and Intensity, so you can sync a flare with animated lights in 3D space. There are flare presets that emulate real-life lenses and lights, and presets created for sci-fi and motion graphics.

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Get a fast, creative starting point with presets by John Knoll as part of your effects library. Your favorite old presets reborn!

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Your preset favorites from Knoll 2. Now you can render at 2K or 4K or even higher resolution with no aliasing and perfect results. Luminance light looks real Create realistic lights with luminance.

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Knoll Light Factory has long been Hollywood's favorite way to add color, depth Red Giant Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop CC-CS6 Serial Mac OS X. Sep 28, On the installer's Registration page, check off Knoll Light Factory. If you have a serial number for Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop, put it into.

The new Edge Reaction flares or fades light at the comp edge so the sun appears to pass through a scene. Obscuration now recognizes 3D space in After Effects, convincingly hiding your flare behind that looming spaceship. New bit color depth increases Knolls performance by giving you a higher color range for your flare effect. This eliminates the unwanted gradients and banding found in 8-bit and bit, so your light rays look smooth and believable. Host Applications Knoll Light Factory runs in a variety of host applications. Each purchase and serial number allows the owner to use the product on more than one host application, but only on a single computer at any one time.

Except where noted, the features are the same in all systems and host applications. Check with application provider for specifics. In all cases, we suggest using the latest video drivers for your graphics card. Performance Expectations Since the processing requirements vary wildly by the number of tools in a look, it is difficult to give exact output or render speed expectations on every system with every lens flare.

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On the highest-end systems such as a Mac Pro or PC workstation with the Quadro series of graphic cards, you can expect very speedy rendering. The speed is approximately 2. Safe Harbor Innovative solutions for video editing, motion graphics, and post production.

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Flares can add sparkle to logos, dynamic relighting to a scene, glints to product shots, or propulsion to a spaceship. Knoll Light Factory Cost: Review You're reviewing: About this week's episode: New Common Controls.

Workstations Tsunami - Certified Turnkey Systems. More Views. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is virus free. The actual developer of the program is Red Giant Software. The most popular version of the tool 3. Photoshop co-creator John Knoll developed Knoll Light Factory Photo to mimic the reflections from a very bright light source as seen through a camera's lens.

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Knoll Light Factory goes far beyond the typical lens flares found in Photoshop, with over great presets, real-time previewing, and 19 powerful flare tools for creating your own custom effects. Windows Mac. Download now. Red Giant Software. Download Knoll Light Factory Photo 64 bit. Thank you for rating the program! Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote.

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