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Copy link Quote reply. Hello, I am trying to upgrade Qt 5. Target recipe for target '. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view.

Xcode 4.3, installation and follow-up steps

Could you post the full brew gist-logs qt5 , please? For the time being, I have two suggestions for you: If you can live without the QtWebKit module, try brew install qt5 --without-webkit. You can also save a lot of compilation time if you disable QtWebEngine using --without-webengine.

Software that requires these Qt modules will of course break. If you really need the QtWebKit module, you can try reinstalling qt5 after completely removing your brewed llvm with brew remove llvm.

Hello Uniq, I backed up llvm and removed it from brew as you mentioned. Makefile recipe for target '. I only need the following components: QtConcurrent. Good, at least we know now where those include paths were coming from. Currently, I don't need webkit or webengine. I only need the following components: […] Given your requirements, I'd strongly suggest to install Qt 5 with brew --with-d-bus --without-webengine --without-webkit. We should probably remove this option. Shouldn't poly2tri a google library be contained in Qt or listed as a dependency?

Step 4: Installation of the C++ development tools

Might be worth forcing GCC-5 and seeing if it will build with that, perhaps. UniqMartin referenced this issue Oct 28, Closed qt5: bug fixes and formula improvements discussion This is probably non-trivial.

Step 5: Download the Qt library and tools

Please do not edit this page to recommend Qt 4! Update or extend the user manual or the wiki. The Fink project is an effort to port and package open-source Unix programs to macOS. MacPorts , formerly called DarwinPorts, is a package management system that simplifies the installation of software on the macOS and Darwin operating systems. If you wish to uninstall GNU Octave 3. Applications can also be distributed through the Mac App Store.

Build on a newer system and then copy from there. Qt 5 has very few external dependencies and is built with a deployment target of Revert to an older Qt 5 version that worked well with DomT4 closed this Nov 21, Homebrew locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jul 10, Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account?

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How to install on OSX Lion? | Qt Forum

This part is oriented on the introduction on how to include the DRE into Eclipse , which can be found under [4] and in the following screencast. I just made a few enhancements to make it work for this application.

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The SDK installer places all of the QT SDK in the /Applications folder(directory) on Mac OS X Lion. Individual library installers are still putting. OS X "Lion" and "Mountain Lion" are considered reference Qt 5 applications may be deployed to Mac OS X versions "Snow Leopard", but.

To use Python together with Eclipse you have to install the Classic Version from the official homepage. Next, install PyDev into Eclipse.

Qt, QMake and Mac Os X SDKs after the Xcode 4.3 update

Now you need to tell Eclipse which Python installation it should use. In the next Dialog you have to add Path to the Homebrew Python. Confirm the next Prompt which should look like the following screenshot and you are done. Now you are good to go. Create a new PyDev Project, select the new created interpreter and play around with VTK - it all should be working with auto completion and the other neat Eclipse features.

SetInput s. SetRenderWindow rw get the whole business going iren. Initialize rw. Render iren. To test the Qt-Support you can run the following code [5] : vtkQtTest. Initialize widget. Start if you dont want the 'q' key to exit comment this. Call , Email or Live Chat with our experts.

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