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JVC HD Everio GZ-HD7 Full High-Definition 3-CCD Camcorder

Rod Rod macrumors Sep 21, 2, 2 Las Vegas, NV. Rod Rod said:. Is the footage high definition or standard when it gets into iMovie?

Thanks for answering that. I'm thinking of getting an HD7 to replace or supplement my HD The only other concern I have is whether there's a good-quality method on Mac to convert i60 to p I almost got the HD10, is it a good cam? It's a good camera as long as you know how to use it, meaning it's not foolproof like a PD It needs plenty of light.

Cromulent macrumors Oct 2, 6, 35 The Land of Hope and Glory. Cromulent said:. Hmm isn't that impossible without losing quality? I mean from my understanding it takes two frames of interlaced footage to equal one frame of progressive footage. So therefore you would only get p30 at best unless you want to digitally add 30 extra frames per second which I assume would have a rather large impact on quality.

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Jun 24, 1 0. Download Gz-Hd7u easier is to hook up 4pin to 6 pin fire wire and playback to computer make sure Imovie is open and make a playlist, only takes the same time as video. I have tried everyother way you have come up with but you can't get out without dropping frames software will not do it even on Window machine. Sharti macrumors newbie. Thanks, and best of luck, Brian.

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Sharti said:. What are you using to Convert the files Aug 14, 1 0. I just purchased the JVC M Imovie 08 is compatible with it. Sep 23, 2 0.

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Have just ordered iLife 8 in the hope that this will help. Very confused. I don't know if I have this. I am running on an iMac The retailer says I should use a fire wire. That definitely didn't work. I'm told that I can get a plug-in to make the footage from this camera compatible with i Movie but I've got no idea how I access this? Should I just return the camera? All advice gratefully received. May 25, 9, NY.

Oct 5, 1 0. MG and a G5 Ok I read what was here. I bought a JVC mg, i really like the workability of the unit. Now the fun, tried it at the Mac store on a "store" '08 iMovie and we got the white page with the curl at the corner on the. MOD file, we couldn't do a thing with it. How did you get it on your mac to just work??

I have not upgraded as i then would have to convert all my existing movies to work with the '08!!!. I have bought the Capity mpeg editFX and it works to convert, but takes so long, i've been using the fine setting on the as the image otherwise is pretty soso. One hour of filming was over 2 hours to convert! If i got the HD7, would the same be true to I just saw the HD3 has been bundeled with some sort of Mac software!. Who has tried this one.

How to Play and Edit JVC Everio Series Camcorder Videos on Mac

Would it be easier to just get this one??.. Boy do i miss tape Hit"browse"next to"setting" on the bottom of the panel and specify the exact destination in your computer to save the converted videos. Apply effect Click"effect" on the left top panel, it will open an "Effect" window, you can set the brightness, contrast, Saturation of the video by dragging each effect adjustment sliders or add some special effect like old film, gray, emboss from the drop down effect list. If you want to enjoy the video from a different angle, check"Vertical flip" or"Horizontal flip".

Convert rmvb to avi Mac. After all the parameters are set, click"Convert" on the bottom right to start the conversion. The remaining time will be shown on conversion window for your reference.

Tod Converter for Mac is the simplest and practical program before you edit. It enables you convert. Tod converter for Mac use least time and give out excellent video quality. Detailed list of MOD camcorder products. As an informal video format, MOD can't be directly played on consumer video equipment or edit with most common editing application.

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Therefore, people are tend to convert this annoying format to more manageable formats. MOD Converter also provides numerous distinctive editing functions. You can clip the video length, crop video size, apply some rending effect. Convert mod to mov, mpg, mp4, m4v, dv, flv, avi, swf, mkv, etc. Mod converter for Mac is able to convert. The conversion speed is swift with no quality loss. Mac Mod converter allows you to transfer. What is RMVB file?

The file extension rmvb was developed by Real Networks to encode digital videos that were used by Real Player. It compresses video substantially. The variable bit rate is useful in optimizing playback and video streaming.

But it also disturbs the video editing procedure because the video footage is not encoded constantly. To avoid this, before editing a RMVB file, it needs to be converted in another digital video format which makes use of a constant bit rate.

How to Import JVC Everio Clips to iMovie HD

Click top left "Add File" button to load the RMVB files that you desire to convert, multiple files can be loaded at one time under the batch conversion mode. Step 3: Output settings.

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Choose an output folder on your Mac hard dive to save the output folder. What is WMV? Sometimes it is stored in an AVI or Matroska container format. What Advantages of WMV? How to play WMV files on Mac?