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Watch the below video to see how easy the interface is to use. Watch the below video to see a demo of viewing p security cameras using the software. Important Note: Click the gear icon in the lower right of the video player and p resolution so that you can view the video in the highest resolution available. Everyone with a video surveillance system expects to be able to login remotely to view their security cameras live from over the Internet.

It amazes me how some manufacturers still do not create client software for Mac users to do this, being that the global market share for Macintosh based PCs is growing. In addition to the outstanding live camera viewing, the Macintosh software also supports remote search and playback of surveillance video footage that has been recorded to the DVRs hard drive.

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Most Mac users also use iPhones and iPads as their choice for mobile and tablet devices. You can also login from iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows if you would like.

Free IP Camera Software For Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android Phones

Please click here to request a demo login. Mike works on product research and development for the company. Mike can be contacted for questions about this article and anything related to video surveillance systems at mike cctvcamerapros. Installing and viewing through apps on our phones was a breeze. Setting up computer access on my laptop was a little tricky until I finally read the manual.

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I am very pleased with the picture quality and the ability of the software to target certain areas for motion detection. GW 9Channel H. Currently unavailable. I worked with their technical support and they were extremely helpful. You need to call and receive a call back or better yet you can make an appointment for when you want them to call you back.

She Jaime called back at the appointed time, spent 45 minutes updating and helping me get the cameras working correctly.

My issue was not a quality problem but a configuration problem. The technician was very knowledgeable and explained how the system worked in a simplified way which helped me tremendously.

See All Buying Options. Davey California. Great system for the price! Beware though that this is still another Chinese product with worthless directions and a confusing, partially-working app. The product could seriously benefit from a quality translation service.

What is the Best Mac Compatible CCTV DVR Software?

Only 11 left in stock - order soon. List Price: You Save: GW security has exactly the resolution of camera set up you need at an affordable price. Even over a month later they still get right back to me with any technical support questions and upgrades I wish to make. One camera had a minor glitch so they exchanged it directly and best of all promptly with the no added expense on my part.

The resolution quality and clarity of these cameras are second to none.

Multi-camera CCTV software for the Mac

Further to a review previously that someone made their waitlist for technical support has been getting increasingly shorter. The last time I was scheduled to receive a call back it took less than an hour!

This is the fifth and final security camera system I have owned to date and I don't see myself needing another one in the foreseeable future. I recommend GW security to everyone including Tested unit before running all network lines, mounted and tested cameras with no issues.

Tips for running Sighthound Video on a Mac

Roland's Google Profile. Reviews and buying advice Updated: While Sighthound allows you to upload your clips to a cloud service, the small form factor and ability to hide the machine in a closet make the Mac Mini a better bet in the event of a burglary. And afterwards, when I fished the camera from the debris, took it home, and cleaned it up Tattletale Price: The Reolink Mac client is extremely solid, well organized and looks great on Mac.

Unit is well built, only issue is the Mobile viewing was a challenge to set up, we could view using secondary software with no issues as long as we were on the same network as the system, as far as veiwing from mobile device that was another story. After 4 hours of playing around with downloading the recommended software via barcode and trying to get it setup was challenge number two. Finally got everything setup but still get kicked off of remote viewing outside of network. The system deserves a 5 star but the above review explains why I did not give it a higher rating. Only 7 left in stock - order soon.

Really great pictures, just installed this week so I'll follow up in a few months to give an update.

SecuritySpy - Mac NVR Video Surveillance Software - Ben Software

Phone app works great, still working on the tablet and computer version for access but that is my problem for now. Alright, so I've had this camera up for just shy of a month now.

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It's a great camera, and it works very well. Video quality is great, and the microphone quality is not awful. Ran into an issue however where the camera simply stopped working. Took it apart, couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, put it back together and now it works fine again.

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Definitely made me a bit uneasy, but it's working again so whatever. I'd still recommend it. Fantastic for the price point.